How to Work With Travel Influencers

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How to Work With Travel Influencers

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Are you a travel brand with limited experience working with travel bloggers and other social media influencers?

Have you received multiple requests from influencers to work together and aren’t sure how to respond?

Are you searching for a consistent and effective strategy on how to utilize influencer marketing to promote and grow your brand with a relevant audience?

Then this book, How to Work with Travel Influencers, is for you.

Inside you will learn:

  • Why work with influencers?
  • How to handle incoming requests (defining your goals, initial assessment, using canned responses, setting up an easy database)
  • How to evaluate (the qualitative evaluation and the quantitative - including deep dives into statistics from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms)
  • Setting up a project for success (preparation, during the project, post project, and how to determine success by considering ROI)
  • How to find bloggers
  • To pay or not to pay?

Also includes resources (worksheets - blog evaluation and project details)



"In one sentence: Everything you wanted to know about travel blogging and were afraid to ask."

~ Jiri Duzar, Director, Czech Tourism, East Coast USA & Canada

"How to Work with Travel Bloggers is an ideal introduction into the world of new media professionals and the relationship they have with brands and companies from the tourism industries. With the quick expansion (if not to say explosion!) of blogging and social media, this manual will provide valuable insights to those within the industry who are uncertain about collaborating with travel bloggers by giving them simple and indicative tools that will help them determine if, or rather why, working with social media specialists might be worth their while. And for those who already work with travel bloggers, it gives supplemental ideas of how to plan upcoming projects by setting up measurable goals and tips on how to find the right person for the right project."

~ Hugo Leclerc, Manager – Media & Leisure Market, Tourisme Montréal

"We found the section on Quantitative Evaluation of travel bloggers quite insightful. We’ve always had a ‘trip request form’ for media, but this book has prompted us to create a new form specifically for digital influencers."

~ Jillian Recksiedler, Communications Specialist, Travel Manitoba

"As a company who works with travel bloggers on a regular basis, Pete and Dalene's book has been a fountain of knowledge for us. It covers everything from identifying and evaluating who we should be working with, outlining expectations, negotiating outcomes and evaluating the success of working with influencers/bloggers."

~ Olivia Bellini, Communications Coordinator, Tourism Holdings Limited


We are Dalene and Pete Heck, award winning travel bloggers and successful social media marketing campaign managers, with years of experience on both sides of the table. Included in the book is input from some of the top travel brands in the business.

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